La Vella Dixieland

35 years of Jazz

Formed in 1980 in Barcelona, La Vella is leading band in the Spanish jazz scene.

La Vella is a roots-based jazz band.

The repertoire is based on new

orleans jazz music, through swing, mainstream, blues, gospel, latin... and giving a special importance to their own musical arrangements.

The band have achieved a stunning success playing in prestigious festivals around the world and recording up to 10 albums with a record sale of 40000 copies. They have also participated in different events which are representative of the Spanish cultural live, with the aim to spread out their music throughout Spain, a country with a short jazz tradition.


The first album was awarded the Department of Culture of Spain’s Award for the Best Jazz Album.

National Music Prize to the Best Jazz Band from the Catalunya Government.

Best Jazz Band award from the Managers’ Association of Catalunya.

The Professional Career Path Award from the Representatives’ Association of Catalunya.


"One of our best jazz orchestras (...) a fresh and contagious music magnificently interpreted. A little marvel."

Miquel Jurado. "El País"

"La Vella from Barcelona was the most impressive of all the foreign bands."

Kenny Mathieson. "Edinburgh Daily"

"The audience's favourite groups were those that was playing the hotest jazz, like the spanish band La Vella."

Siegfried Thiele. "Dresdner Neueste"


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage (USA), Kobe Jazz Street (Japan), Riverboat Jazz Festival (Denmak), Hamburg Hot Jazz Meeting, Dresden Jazz Festival, Jazz in Der Burg, Weisbaden ,Gelsenkirchen (Germay), Gorinchem Jazz Festival, Breda Jazz Festival, Eindhoven Jazz Festival, Enkuizen Jazz  (Holland), Bohem & Ragtime Festival, Salgotarjan Festival (Hungary), Edinburgh Jazz Festival (Scotland), Mississipi Dream (France), April Jazz Espoo (Finland), Vitoria, Barcelona, Madrid, Lugo, Cadiz, Mallorca (Spain)


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