With Classics 3 we want to present our vision of classics of classical jazz classics.

Music that was made at the beginning of the last century and the creation of new instruments, discovering new sounds and a special rhythm game that marked the beginning of modern music.

With own arrangements, give our personal version of this interspersed with music artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Jelly Roll Morton other not so well known that we rediscover interesting.

Classics 3       La Vella septet                                                                             

Cooking    La Vella + Marian Barahona                                                              

L'Aventura del Jazz       familiar   show                                    


1. the work that we have as a model worthy of imitation in art.

2. the period represented a high point in art.

3. an author who has represented a high point in maturity or an art.

Last CD La Vella who cook for many seasons in the legendary hall "Luz de Gas" in Barcelona

"More than 30 years cooking good Jazz, flawless say. Old dishes, succulent recipes, but using ingredients available, to give life and continuity to a proposal that will never happen fashionable. Well, a letter luxury of black label. " Fernando Pereyra

Where and how jazz came out? rhythm, their instruments and how they sound.

Ragtime, spirituals, New Orleans, Swing, Bee bop, jazz and all styles of music will be going on this trip

La Vella Dixieland


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